British Design Classics

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Great Stamps from the Royal Mail. The British Design Classics collection come out in early 2009.

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Screens in the New York Times Magazine

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The NY Times Magazine this weekend is a special issue focusing on Screens. This fall issue is usually reserved for news from and about Hollywood and about movies and filmaking. This years issue involves all types of screen, mostly digital and the special concerns that come along with the proliferation of screens.Three good stories linked below and there are more NY Times Magazine Screens Issue

Kevin Kelly writes Becoming Screen Literate

Everywhere we look, we see screens. The other day I watched clips from a movie as I pumped gas into my car. The other night I saw a movie on the backseat of a plane. We will watch anywhere. Screens playing video pop up in the most unexpected places — like A.T.M. machines and supermarket checkout lines and tiny phones; some movie fans watch entire films in between calls. These ever-present screens have created an audience for very short moving pictures, as brief as three minutes, while cheap digital creation tools have empowered a new generation of filmmakers, who are rapidly filling up those screens. We are headed toward screen ubiquity.

Current Mad Men discuss all these screens, marketing, advertising and cross media communication. The last line of the quote below is the big takeaway.

Bastholm: Trevor Edwards, Nike’s main marketing guy, had a great quote. He said, “Nike’s not in the business of keeping media companies alive, we’re in the business of connecting with consumers.” That sums up digital pretty nicely.

Rasmussen: Clients are not saying, “Make us ads” or “Make us Web sites,” they’re saying, “Create interaction between our brand and our customers.” That’s our job now.

Clive Thompson writes in, If You Liked This, You’re Sure to Love That , the story behind the Netflix price and recommendation engines. Psychological hunches modeled with mathematics.

THE “NAPOLEON DYNAMITE” problem is driving Len Bertoni crazy. Bertoni is a 51-year-old “semiretired” computer scientist who lives an hour outside Pittsburgh. In the spring of 2007, his sister-in-law e-mailed him an intriguing bit of news: Netflix, the Web-based DVD-rental company, was holding a contest to try to improve Cinematch, its “recommendation engine.” The prize: $1 million.

It's a Good Thing

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Ted Booth, head of Interaction Design at Smart Design spoke earlier this evening at the AIGA Design Remixed series. He spoke a bit about Smart’s approach to running an inter-disciplinary design practice and the role of the ‘hybrid’ in their studio. The ‘hybrid’ spans across disciplines (Smart Design has: Industrial Design, Engineering, Interaction Design, Communication Design, Insight & Strategy and Prototyping) and seems to help drive innovation by having their hands in many pies.I usually consider myself a generalist or hybrid, for better or worse. Of the several projects shown two stuck with me until this morning.

HP Q Control

Conceived out of an initiative to consolidate the many different physical navigation elements across their wide offerings of devices. The Q part is the little back button which dangles off the bottom left which serves as a “get me out of here” safety net for users. It also seems that it creates a crutch for less rigorous interaction design on the screens and functions being controlled by the Q control. Not having ever used one, i can’t really say.

HP produced video talking about the Q Control

HP’s Q Control from maritoruiz on Vimeo.

Augmented Reality Prototypes

In the prototyping of consumer electronics they often mock up user interfaces in Flash and then build rough physical prototypes that control the interactions on screen. While janky, it can be effective but it still doesn’t look pretty. Booth briefly described a methodology they are using on a new project, where physical interactions such as pressing buttons is done on a block of foam covered in green screen paper and the video of the new devices and on screen activity keyed in. I think it would make for a compelling visual and easily help sell their ideas.

No images or video so here’s a clip from the Girl skateboards video Yeah Right where the skaters ride invisible skateboards


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huge url

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eGFVMUl4YkZkWGJrcE9WbXh3V0ZsWWNGZFdSbFp5Vm10YVQxVlVNRGs9 makes URLs huge. It’s like Cory Arcangel’s Total Asshole Compression which increases file size, but for URLs.

M45 – The Pleiades

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Above a picture of the sky and stars submitted to the group on flickr. will analyze the photo and return the below interesting information about the sky you have photographed. Seriously amazing pattern matching. says:

Hello, this is the blind astrometry solver. Your results are:
(RA, Dec) center:(56.7751, 24.1559) degrees

(RA, Dec) center (H:M:S, D:M:S):(03:47:6.024, +24:09:21.240)
Orientation:95.02 deg E of N

Pixel scale:1.96 arcsec/pixel

Parity:Reverse (“Left-handed”)
Field size :2.12 x 1.41 degrees

Your field contains:
The star Celaeno (16Tau)
The star Electra (17Tau)
The star 18Tau
The star Taygeta (19Tau)
The star Sterope I (21Tau)
The star Merope (23Tau)
The star ηTau
The star Atlas (27Tau)
The star Pleione (28Tau)
NGC 1432 / Maia nebula
NGC 1435 / Merope nebula

If you would like to have other images solved, please submit them to the astrometry group. describes their project like this:

If you have astronomical imaging of the sky with celestial coordinates you do not know—or do not trust—then is for you. Input an image and we’ll give you back astrometric calibration meta-data, plus lists of known objects falling inside the field of view.

The intersection of photography, data and crowdsourcing, with either the photography or the data or both will be an interesting space to watch.

Quote by 1:1 | design mind

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The mechanics of digital gaming – from overarching narrative to technical execution – are about managing player point-of-view within the environment of the game. But as video games map ever more closely to the built world, this point-of-view needs to be managed externally, as well. We must examine how gaming can be used to impact the world beyond the screen, both economically and intellectually.

1:1 | design mind

Walk the Line

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I printed my portrait on various maps. Then I started to orientate the maps following the lines on my face. On my arm I carried a satellite recorder (GPS) drawing the path that I walked.

Artist Antti Laitinen Walk the Line Project

Frontpages of the world

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All images are sourced from the Newseum on November 4 2008.

News sites on the web got ongoing screenshot treatment at Electioneering08

Large Version of the above image 2MB

danger danger

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The Association of Equipment Manufacturers has an online pictorial database. I see it as an illustrated guide to 130 ways you can get hurt, killed or worse by evil machines.

This database was developed to assist designers and technical illustrators in communicating effective safety messages through the use of consistent “industry-recognized” pictorial representations. Development of the database is guided by industry professionals and will be expanded as more product and process-specific pictorials are identified.

Available as .eps or .dxf files. Or grab a large version of the index I created above.

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