ring roads of the world

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Ring Roads of the World by Thumb for Rice school of architecture. Houston, where Rice is located, is shown in black. Second largest is Beijing, shown in red. Ring road?

summer of fun manifesto

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A Summer of Fun.jpg

A Summer of Fun, The Manifesto presents a set of suggestions to increase your fun levels between June 1st and September 1st. My two favorites:

SLEEP DIFFERENT – Staying up extremely late or waking up extremely early is an easy way to experience a totally new world. What’s outside your front door can feel like a completely foreign place when you’re the only one around to experience it.

EXPERIMENT – Here’s an idea: every Sunday evening, write down something that you’ve never done before. By the end of the week it should be checked off so you can be ready for the next thing. Don’t go easy on yourself.
The more challenging the task, the bigger the reward. Use fear as a motivation to try new things. Remember, failure can be just as interesting as success.

Go read the whole list

the world as top level domains

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ccTLD_1000_shadow.jpg (JPEG Image, 1031x699 pixels).jpg

See a large version, or buy as a poster

map is trademark Byte Level Research

the future beneath us

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The vast underground network of tunnels in New York City is the focus of an historic exhibition allowing visitors into a world unknown and featuring the much-discussed, but little understood mega-projects bringing the City’s transportation infrastructure into the 21st Century.

An exhibition at Grand Central Station and the New York Public Library highlighting the amazing mega projects that lay beneath the city streets. The website has a great selection of current and historical photos and drawings from the 8 Great Projects Under New York. This is looking like a must see for me.

olympic posters

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Olympic poster proposal for London 2012 by Alan Clarke

we left this side blank so you can help

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In God We Trust, Inc..jpg
Photo credit: (dcdan on flickr)

Not quite the same as the whole Dangermouse thing, but a great blank side to an awesome Dead Kennedy’s album, err cassette, In God We Trust, Inc.

space shuttle in transit of the sun

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Flickr Photo Download_ STS-125 Atlantis Solar Transit (200905120001HQ).jpg


Photo Credit: (NASA/Thierry Legault)

workplace skills of the future

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In the rapidly approaching future, and increasingly the present, new sets of skills are required to successfully operate within the new work landscapes we are creating for ourselves. My top five from the list of 10 Workplace Skills of the Future

Seeing a much bigger picture; thinking in terms of higher level systems, bigger networks, longer cycles

Open Authorship
Creating content for public modification; the ability to work with massively multiple contributors

Fluency in working and trading simultaneously with different hybrid capitals, e.g., natural, intellectual, social, financial, virtual

Signal/Noise Management
Filtering meaningful info, patterns, and commonalities from the massively-multiple streams of data and advice

The ability to prepare for and handle surprising results and complexity that come with coordination, cooperation and collaboration on extreme scales

boffin from last.fm

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Last.fm Boffin-4.jpg

Boffin is last.fm radio for your local music. You aim it at your music collection and it crunches for a bit. While it eats up your music you get a wonderful view of it all, with filename scrolling at warp speed in the background and album covers moving right to left.

This is the nicest possible progress bar an app could have.

When it’s done you get a tag cloud and you can pick the different genres you want to listen to.

Last.fm Boffin-3.jpg

today is a

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04C8789D-23F7-41BF-8FC7-92A3F7FFDA87.jpgtoday in usa is a....jpg

todayisa.com checks the weather, news stocks and other mystey stuff to determine is the day is goo, or bad. Also available in json, LOL, boolean or on twitter @todayisa

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