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i love you more than blank

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Paperwhite Studio wants you to fill in the blank with what you really love.

Green Oil Change and Car Wash

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Oil Change place has a generator that burns the used oil for electricity, solar panels and a water recycling system for the car wash. Our little grey car is getting some love today at the Wayne Auto Spa.

Adobe Photoshop CS4 17/358

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If we still used 3.5″ floppies for software distribution it would take 378 3.5″ 1.44MB Floppy Diskettes for Abobe Photoshop CS4. Great.


Born at 30,000 feet

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BLDGBLOG points to the interesting status bestowed upon a newly born baby girl. While flying from Amsterdam to Boston, a Ugandan women went into labor and gave birth to a child, which was subsequently deemed to be Canadian by US Customs officials. It was determined that the birth occurred over eastern Canada.

Extrapolating from this situation, BLDGBLOG speculates further:

Of course, one wonders what citizenship this baby would have been given if they had been flying over the middle of the ocean, for instance, or across the tangled borders of an enclave or exclave. A complicated mathematics of trajectory, speed, and height is unleashed by terrestrial scholars below in order to find the exact location of the plane at the moment of childbirth.
Like something out of Borges, imperial trigonometricians are called in for consultation. Their calculations take days and arguments break out.
Perhaps the child goes on to be famous – a political leader, a poet, a revolutionary, the next pope – and his or her exact aerial origin becomes increasingly important to find out. Weather data and wind speed, the weight of fellow passengers, tiny aerodynamic imperfections in the wings, and even gravitational anomalies in the earth’s crust are brought to bear: how fast was the airplane traveling?


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Twistori has a very nice Obama inauguration twitter zeitgeist.

via michaelsurtees

Prismacolor Pen Print

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Absolutely amazing set of unique prints by Daniel Eatock. It a nearly perfect marriage of a strict system, materiality (of the paper stock and the markers) and time. With the added bonus of a beautiful end result.

A complete set of 156 Prismacolor Markers (arranged following manufacturer’s numbered color chart) held within inverted glasses, one ream of 25” x 38” uncoated, 40 lb. paper, divided into two stacks.


The ink reached the 31st sheet in the stack of paper that comprises the top half of the diptych and the 29th sheet of the stack that comprises the bottom half of the diptych.Prior to discovering the extent of the edition, it was determined that the price of each diptych would equal the highest number of sheets stained by the ink.

Prismacolor Pen Print (diptych) by Daniel Eatock

Shifting Boundries

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Since seeing this first post on the Shape of Alpha on the blog many many weeks ago I have thought about what it means nearly everyday. Future geographical boundries are becoming more flexible as we define them with our metadata. We are where we think we are, even if that particular there isn’t exactly right. These zones are the questionable locales located between conventional boundries as defined by geographical coordinates recorded in maps and property deeds and the line we have drawn for ourselves, collectively, where once place ends and another begins.

Applied Geometry

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A circle made by following the natural curve in a line of shopping carts. Costco parking lot Goleta, CA. 6:00 am May 5, 2004.

Applied_Geometry by Robert Wechsler

Read Later

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Seanaes said

Instapaper said

I really like the service/application Instapaper, but yesterday I noticed I kept putting more things into it and not taking them out. I am hoarding stuff – in hopes to Read Later (thats the text of the browser bookmarklet), which I truly want to do, but just keeping up with what’s new, tends to leave no time for what I had wanted to Read Later. I posted this thought to twitter and through the magic of twitter and a very thoughtful Instapaper I received the email tweet I had been expecting.  Now that Instapaper has taken an interest in my dilema, even if just responding to my wondered aloud pseudo request, I promise to try to hoard less and read more – later.

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