2009 Year in Cities

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Not too much travel this year. Again.

▪ New York City

▪ Jersey City

▪ Killington VT

▪ North Creek NY

▪ Montreal

▪ London

▪ Dorset VT

▪ Bennington VT

▪ Buffalo NY

US Interstate system as a tube map

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Flickr Photo Download_ Eisenhower Interstate System in the style of H.C. Beck_s London Underground Diagram-1.jpg

Senex Prime on flickr

james hopkins

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Seriously awesome work by James Hopkins. Be sure to checkout the Balanced Works on his website.


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shoe box by aya masuda

This shoe box could not be more perfect. It is from a series of workshops and exhibitions called Without Thought organized by Naoto Fukasawa, the latest focused on the Box.
Box – Without Thought Vol. 10

More boxes from the workshop at designboom

the sea level rises and Switzerland becomes a series of islands

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I don’t remember seeing this in particular at the Swiss EXPO.02 but a number of artists working together under the name Waterproof “imagined a(n) (im)possible scenario wherein the water level in Switzerland rises to 1400 meters (4600 feet), turning the landlocked, Alpine country into an island nation, its rocky peaks rising above a vast ocean.”

The series of images over at Pruned show an imaginative take on how the Swiss might deal with their new situation.

via Pruned

setting an alarm for a where rather than a when

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Geoff Pado.jpg

Proximity is a simple iPhone app that works as an alarm clock except the alarm is not set for a time but rather a location. It is aimed at commuters and others that end up sleeping while they are moving in some sort of transport. It is a great mobilization of two things that are usually understood as fixed: You sleeping in bed and your alarm clock on the bedside table are in a fixed location. A standard proximity sensor that is fixed in location sensing when moving things get closer than a pre-selected distance threshold.

I really like the transposition of a specific location where one would usually have a specific time, attaching an alarm to a where rather then a when. It is a bit of genius.

Proximity by Geoff Pado


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Ron English takes graffiti to new heights this morning by skywriting the word CLOUD five times across lower Manhattan. The text soon dissipates into… actual clouds.

As quoted from his website.

Museum of the Phantom City

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New York City of today isn’t exactly as we had imagined it. Through history there have been many possible futures that have gone unrealized. The Museum of the Phantom City presents these Architectural and Urban Design proposals as one moves through the city to the intended locations via an iPhone app that is available no in the app store. The Van Alen Institute is holding a walking tour on Sturday October 3rd, the day the full site launches.

Get the Museum of the Phantom City: Other Futures iPhone app

30 Day Flight

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Dear jetBlue | The 30-day flight.jpg

Recently Jet Blue offered an All-You-Can-Jet pass for a month of unlimited flights. Its a fantastic idea, so great that it sold out early. Dustin Curtis and Alaska Miller took Jet Blue up on the offer and are visiting all 43 cities served by Jet Blue in the US, thats 90 flight segments. Why put oneself through this experience, which to be honest, will be painful at best?

In an airplane, hundreds of people with rich backgrounds and histories are crammed together for hours at a time. They have fascinating stories. We want to tell some of them. Our plan is to strike up conversations during our flights and see if maybe, after 30 days of constant flying, we can get a good understanding of the average jetBlue flier. We’re going to document our experiences at 30dayflight.com. We’d love for you to follow our adventure.

Follow dcurtis progress on the twitter for updates like

Wonder what the TSA guy was thinking when I couldn’t remember where I was going after 16 boarding passes fell out of my passport.

Good luck to these intrepid travelers and hope to watch things unfold on 30dayflight.com

Day 3_ In Progress | The 30-day flight.jpg

coffee by the week

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Coffee By Week, 2009.jpg

Coffee By Week chronicles a coffee enthusist’s coffee consumption through 2009, currently averaging 1.45 cups per day.

Coffee By Week is an ongoing project documenting my coffee consumption for the remainder of 2009. The aim is to throw a fresh perspective on, and discover patterns in, something that has become a routine, habitual part of every day.

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