The Company

October 27th, 2005 at 1:50 pm. 0 comments.

GGI isn’t a real company. It is not listed on the NASDAQ, nor is it privately held. It has no mailing address, website or physical location. It is size-less, shape-less, transparent and ethereal. It has no discernable footprint, no targeted market, no focus. There is no org chart, human resources department interoffice memos or emails and no water cooler or break room. There is no ladder to climb, no glass ceiling, no boardroom, no headquarters. There is not a logo to be found, no slogan or brand identity. There is no unified message, no marketing department to craft press releases, broker deals with magazine editors or work on product placement, celebrity endorsements or do damage control when the vengeful media comes knocking with inquisitions. When asked any employee of GGI wouldn’t have the faintest idea what GGI is or does. GGI’s employees come and go as they please, demand no pay, endure little or no recognition for their individual efforts and yet find great satisfaction in their work.
Great numbers of individuals labor wholly for GGI, and some work only part time. Many stay up late at night, after working another full time job, and tending to their lives to work for GGI. Many large and small companies work directly for GGi and many collaborate with GGI on an increasing number of large and important projects and products.

Why haven’t you ever heard of GGI? Did you miss the cluetrain?

joining the flock

October 20th, 2005 at 11:35 pm. 0 comments.

test driving flock and its seeming pretty cool. for instance i wrote this blog entry from within the flock browser. next im going ot upload some pictures to flickr through flock. still in beta but maybe it will behave better than safari

Provocative Technology

October 17th, 2005 at 3:36 pm. 0 comments.

Ralph Borland, ITP Alum ’02, has and still is into art making and object making with protest as the catalyst for work. He mentioned his piece, Suited for Subversion that is currently in the MoMA Safe show.
Borland spoke of the game like nature of the protest. Especially in America protests take part in the places set up by the state, penned protest areas, set up by the state. But when protests occur outside of the demarcated places of protest it threatens and provokes the state. The Barcelona based Las Agencias and the White Overall movement both served as inspiration for Suited for Subversion.
Borland has been accepted into the next wave festival in Australia in 2006 where his proposal was to curate a show of different “Provacative Technologies” to be housed in shipping containersin a matter of reuse that he has observed in his hometown of Capetown, South Africa.
His talk here at ITP consisted mostly of briefly showing many of the projects he will be showing in his show within the show in Melbourne and weaving the thread that tied all of them together thematically under the idea of Provocative technology

Very roughly paraphrasing here, by way of Michael Rakowitz:

“Technology does not always offer a solution to social problems, but one can use technology to call enough attention to the social problems that they get solved through policy or other means”


“A bandage covers and treats a wound while at the the same time exposing it’s prescense”

Notes from the talk (more…)


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In Finland the everyday word for mobile phone is kännykkä meaning “extension-of-the-hand.”

I’ve heard this “extension-of-the-hand” and know that in germany a mobile phone is a “handy”. Searching for this led me upon this text version of our shared mobile future by Marko Ahtisaari Blogging Over Las Vegas.

uhaul or man-with-van

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for thinking about networks i compared uhaul and man with van.

When presented with the need to relocate ones home and belongings to another part of the city, or even around the block you will probably find your self using a specialized transport network like UHaul or the ubiquitous (in NYC at least) Man-with-Van. Both networks rely on the cities constant state of flux, with people moving up, and down with people leaving and with new arrivals. Each network provides the user the ability to move their ‘stuff’ across the city. In the context of this paper, you are moving to a new neighborhood, and you are either renting a UHaul truck, or, a man and his van.

read the whole thing here

seans birthday! cupcake!

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seans birthday!

Originally uploaded by makomoo.

perception analyzer

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In technologies of persuasion class today we had a guest from perception analyzer subject us to the analysis that they sell to major political concerns, advertisers, and television/movie content disseminators. We watched the clip on Frank Luntz from Rushkoffs The Persuaders that aired last year on PBS, and used the technology discussed in said clip for an overly meta moment. I was in the group of people in the ‘client’ portion that observed the real time reactions of my peers as they watched the clip, and reacted to the question “On a scale of 1 to 100 how effective is Frank Luntz being in convincing you of his skill.” Not a clear or easy to responf to question in the context, but it was interesting none the less.
Surprisingly they have a typepad blog

my birthday

October 3rd, 2005 at 12:28 pm. 0 comments.

im now twenty-nine. crap.

time crisis

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Originally uploaded by lia.

boy vs. girl gun action. lia kicked my ass though seriously

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