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rayogram NEWScan.jpg
NEWScan has the front page of 14 major newspapers in one big horizontal scrolling interface. The text is big enough to read and sure beats standing in front of the news agent’s shop

flags as pie charts

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Flags By Colours.jpg
Each sector of these piecharts is proportional to the area of the colour on the respective flag


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Original paperback, original movie poster and anniversary dvd cover

Jan Imberi

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Wonderful and large scale, this installation / photograph is the creation of a super flattened space. Seems to be in the tradition of John Pfahl’s Altered Landscapes and Jan Dibbets’s Perspective Corrections.

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playground rocketships

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Rocket Science series of photographs by Lauren Orchowski. I saw her work at he Hunter MFA show last year and glad to have found her work  again.

Wavefield at Storm King

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Maya Lin

Storm King Wavefield by Maya Lin
Opening at Storm King Art Center in Mountainville, NY, in May 2009

The Wavefield is comprised of seven rows of undulating, rolling waves of earth and grass. The waves range in height from ten to fifteen feet, with a trough-to-trough distance of approximately forty feet. The work at Storm King is the largest site-specific art installation that Lin has created, and it marks a culmination in her series dedicated to the exploration of water-wave formations. Because it is executed in the same scale as an actual set of waves, the viewer’s experience is similar to that of being at sea, where one loses visual contact with adjacent waves. Compound curves allow for a complex and subtle reading of the space in the form of an environment that pulls the viewer into its interior and creates a sense of total immersion.

Maya Lin (warning, typically annoying architect flash site)


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eyescapes by Rankin

eyescapes by Rankin


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whitelines is a new writing paper that uses a stark white line over a light grey field rather than the usual dark line on white field. The reduced contrast inherent to the paper allows your drawings or writing to stand out cleanly, some examples. They come in a bunch of ISO paper sizes and bindings and are available lined or gridded. The books and pads also look pretty great. I ordered some A5 wire-bound gridded sketch books and look forward to trying them out in a few days.


Gerd Arntz

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food isotype samples

Gerd Arntz designed over 4000 isotype pictograms in his lifetime. Collected in the Gerd Arntz Archive, these drawings gave the proletariat knowledge of the world.

This knowledge should not be shrined in opaque scientific language, but directly illustrated in straightforward images and a clear structure, also for people who could not, or hardly, read. Another outspoken goal of this method of visual statistics was to overcome barriers of language and culture, and to be universally understood.

New York Times Map of Readers’ Photos of the Snow

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The sparseness of the information on the map is almost unsettling. New York Times readers were asked to submit their photos from the snowstorm that came through the area on Monday, but it would seem that very few did.

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